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Your Guide To Getting Outside

Getting Outside In 2020

With the recent lockdowns and restrictions, everyone’s looking for new ways to stay active and healthy. It’s the perfect time to get outside! 

If you want to start backpacking, hunting, or fishing, the best outdoor store in Colusa, CA can get you outfitted with all the gear you need to get started. But before you hit the trails, you have to make sure you’re prepared.

Here’s a quick guide to getting outside in 2020. 

Step 1. Make A Plan

If you ask any outdoors expert, the first thing they’ll tell you is that you have to be prepared for anything to happen. 

The outdoors can be dangerous, even if you’re in a maintained national forest or park. It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared. Plan out your hiking trails, campsite, meals, and schedule, so you’re prepared to handle anything nature throws at you! 

To put it another way, it’s always better to be overprepared than underprepared. 

Step 2. Have The Right Gear

Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or just camping, it’s important to have the best gear on hand. 

Head to a local sporting and fishing store to pack up for your trip. They’ll advise you on the best brands and models, from jackets to fishing poles. Whatever you’re taking with you, make sure it’s built to withstand anything. 

Step 3. Get Out There

Remember, things won’t always go as planned once you get out there.

Rainy nights, animals, busy trails… there are all kinds of unpredictable elements that can change your plans. As long as you’re prepared and have the best quality gear to keep you safe, you’ll have nothing to worry about. So just enjoy the journey!

Ready to get out there? Stop by the best hunting and camping store near you, and get prepared for your next adventure in 2020.